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Shook Ideas Opens in Downtown Boise, Idaho!

Written by Justin R. Shook on June 17, 2016.
Shook Ideas 3D Printed Front Sign

It's been a dream 4 years in the making and it's finally happening. Honestly, I've never been more excited, stoked, optimistic, or any other fill in the blank positive adjective. Shook Ideas has officially opened for business in the 8th Street Marketplace in downtown Boise, Idaho! In case you don't know where that is, I've attached a link in Google Maps

Shook Ideas Google Search Listing

Why does this matter? Because, I've been running this business out of a spare bedroom and a garage over the last year. After a while, I realized Shook Ideas needed more space to grow and expand the services that we provide to our customers. Since moving the business to a commercial space, we've added a Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, several new materials, and much more workspace area to continue to develop new and exciting products and projects.

On top of that, I've set up the space so that it is like a factory of the future. Basically, products are designed, tested, produced, and assembled all within the same office. With the combination of new 3D printing materials, low cost 3D printers, and a little design know-how, I aim with Shook Ideas to shape the way we think about how products are designed and produced. Now, back to work :).