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Founder, Justin Shook, Featured on Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Written by Justin R. Shook on August 24, 2016.
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On Thursday of last week, I had the pleasure of joining The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast" with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Scott Tarcy. Scott, like me, is a guy really interested in CAD design, 3D printing, and just "making" in general. We originally met back in Charlotte, NC after we both worked with the same client on a project.

Funny thing about Scott and I is that we thought we were competitors when we first met. It turns out that even though we were competing for some of the same clients, we both had different desired niches and end goals for our businesses. From there, we discussed ways to work together on certain projects and expand our capabilities that we may not have had working strictly as solopreneurs. From there, we have worked together on several product design and 3D printing projects and we continue to give each other tips and motivation. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is. I definitely think it helps to know other entrepreneurs so that you can share similar experiences/situations and then figure out the best practices from their failures to successes.

Listen to the podcast if you're interested in designing products, starting a business, or just like to hear some stories about solving some real world problems, as small or as big as they may be. I can't wait to do it again. That is, if I'm invited!