Shook Ideas Learning Guide

Get your 3D print on

3D Printed NinjaFlex Watch and Sketchbook

Design a Magnetic Watch Band

Learn the process of brainstorming, sketching, designing, and adding magnets into your 3D print by making your own watch band. The same process should work for almost all watches. Hack your watch!

MakerTron Product Design Photo

3D Print a Smart Toy

This is my entry into the MakerTron Design Contest at I'm not usually into making toys and figurines, but I saw this as an opportunity to add Arduino and make things interesting.

Bridge Nylon Drying In Oven

How to 3D Print With High Strength Nylon

Learn the process of storing, preparing, troubleshooting, and 3D printing with the impact resistant and strong material that is industrial strength nylon. Expand your 3D printing material knowledge by trying out this tricky material!