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Materials to Expand Your Applications

A great selection of materials is important to meeting the specifications of your project. At Shook Ideas, we've done the research to provide only the highest quality 3D printing materials. Choose from a full spectrum including soft and flexible for wearble prototypes to hard and rigid for engineered applications.

  • PLA

    Polyactic Acid

  • 3D Printed iPhone Cases by Shook Design
  • PLA is the most common material in 3D printing. PLA is cost effective, produced in many colors, and easily printed due to low shrinkage. PLA works great in a lot of applications since it is also strong and dimensionally stable. The material is synthesized from biomaterial such as corn and potato plant matter. Read More

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  • PETG

    Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified

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  • PETG is an exciting material for a few reasons. First of all, it's made of FDA approved materials. Secondly, it's mostly translucent depending on the color. This helps to create highly aesthetic prints for flower vases, light enclosures, etc. It can even be used in optics. And lastly, it's also very strong. Read More

  • PETG Material Chart
  • ABS

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

  • 3D Printed Set of ABS Brackets
  • ABS is one of most common materials in consumer 3D printing. This plastic can be engineered to be used in several prototype applications. ABS is strong, but also somewhat flexible. This is why it's common across several industries including automotive. It's also petroleum based. Read More

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  • Flexible Polyurethane

    Proprietary thermoplastic elastomer

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  • Flexible polyurethane is an extremely flexible, strong, and shock absorbant material. This makes it great for wearable prototypes including items that can be stitched to fabric. Flexible polyurethane is a particularly tricky material to 3D print, but we've spent the hours to harness its powers. Read More

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  • Bridge Nylon

    Taulman3D proprietary nylon copolymer

  • 3D Printed Set of ABS Brackets
  • Bridge Nylon is an exciting material when it comes to low cost 3D printing. The material is inexpensive, tough, and very impact resistant. This material is great for "end-use" parts that need to meet functional specifications like custom prosthetics! For full specifications... Read More

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